Dosing systems for all applications

Efficient solution for dispensing products

For the engineering of complete packaging lines works VH Vertical Packaging closely with several specialized suppliers. Depending on the application and/or quality standards, an appropriate dosing system will be offered. Semi-automatic or fully automated and synchronized with your packaging machine. In close cooperation with the client the choice provides.

Hygiene and cleaning

Special for the food industry our dosing systems comes with a high accuracy, which meet the most stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and cleaning. VH Vertical Packaging features a wide range of standard dosing systems and various brands multihead weighers, auger fillers, fluid pumps and other dosing devices. In addition, it is possible to develop a fully customized filling solution at your request.

Tailor made according to your own specifications

Own specifications department

To guarantee optimal operation of your packaging machine, complete formsets and formshoulders are produced in our formset department. Specializing in the manufacture of syntetic shoulders.

They guarantee -especially when compared to STAINLESS STEEL-shoulders form an unparalleled film track and support. VH Vertical Packaging builds tailored shoulders in all forms and according to specifications of virtually all brands packaging machines.

Food safety and hygiene in the food industry

For every product the best solution

As the perfect solution for each product option provides VH Vertical Packaging a wide range of metal detectors, which are applied in the food industry. Without exception detectors with a demonstrated high reliability, high capacity, accuracy and user-friendliness. The machines are used to identify metal particles which may be in food products. They can be applied as single unit, but also be mounted under a silo or packaging machine.

Responding to demanding environment

Food safety, hygiene and refinement are becoming an ever more decisive role in the food industry. In a packaging line is metal detection, x-ray and check weighing almost obliged.
By working with reputable parties we come to smart solutions. In terms of the machines to the most high hygiene requirements. This development does not stand still and asks for smart and new solutions.