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Your packaging challenge is our expertise​

Value for money With Centurion and Velteko premium packaging machines is perfectly responsive to the high standards and often complicated specifications of our clients. The packaging machines of VH Vertical Packaging are ‘ end of the line ‘ machines and the uptime is of the utmost importance. Proven reliable machines with a state-of-the-art operating system.

Through Remote Engineer the machines can be monitored in real-time and can rapidly be provided for adequate information, support or updates.

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Experience our no nonsense approach

As a manufacturer and importer of packaging machines VH Vertical Packaging operates especially on the market of food and non-food industries in Northwest Europe, but increasingly also beyond. The organization is characterized by enthusiasm and involvement. The enthusiasm with which we are daily getting started as a team, of course, we also like to share with our customers. That’s good to know! But always result-oriented. High customer satisfaction is highlighted.

Which product do you want to pack?

Always the best solution for your business

The Centurion SI, SC and Velteko HSV 360 are widely used in the food industry. These packaging machines are made in RVS as standard. Fast and reliable machines that connect seamlessly to your production line and, of course, comply with food safety regulations. 

There is also always a suitable packaging machine for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Cereals - Snacks - Dry products
Fish & meat
Non food

Result is one thing, but doing business in a friendly way is at least as important for us.

The right packaging for your product​

We have different types of resealable packaging. The bags are available in both consumer and catering sizes. Other packaging can be discussed on request.

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Your challenge is our expertise!