Get the consumer's attention!

The functions of the Expander

Packaging as a powerful means of communication!

The shape of the Expander packaging is a combination of a folded bottom bag and top seals, such as a pillow bag. The Expander offers extra advertising space compared to standard stand-up pouches.

The Expander is a communication tool that allows you to increase the scope and effectiveness of your marketing message. By expanding the top half of the pack by 30%, gives your

graphics and expressions more room to attract and entice customers to buy. This packaging solution also adds to the visual appeal of your product on the shelf.



<img src="https://www.vhnl.com/wp-content/uploads/elementor/thumbs/Expander-qap2b1xxvwe8se7l8cacnys1mjgpagd0ul0vhqpz3w.png" title="Expander" alt="Expander" loading="lazy" />

Suitable machines for this packaging

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